How councils
are using new
proceeds of
crime powers

Enterprising planning authorities have been using the Proceeds of Crime Act to prosecute those who have profited from flouting
planning regulations

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Councillors target land owner

Runnymede do a deal with a ‘friendly’ land developer at arms length.

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Latest communication from Runnymede Borough Council


My Reply:


Mr Smith,

Firstly I would like to refer to the last paragraph of that letter in which you state that “The advice given is at officer level only and without prejudice to any future decision taken by the Planning Authority.” From that statement it would appear that you have no authority in any planning matter and therefore any time spent communicating with you would be time wasted. I therefore suggest that you get one of your superiors to write to me when necessary.

As usual your communication came with numerous threats, no doubt on the instruction of your superiors in the Legal and or Planning Departments who do not appear to have acquainted themselves with the history of Padd Farm. Had they done so they would have or should have read the 2000 Public Inquiry Inspectors findings. By your threats it appears that you have not read it either.

Whilst I am aware that you were not employed by RBC in the year 2000 and not engaged in the 2000 Public Inquiry, again I suggest that you consult with your superiors who were there at that time and should have read the report . Furthermore I suggest that you read and digest the Inquiry Inspectors remarks and results before you make any further threats.

Last but not least it appears that you have taken the RBC line of bullying residents. This is clearly not the way to conduct enquiries and I believe that as a former Police officer you should know better.

Danny Beach.
Padd Farm
Hurst Lane

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